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AB People can present at as well as listen to a wide variety of educational events. Topics include but not limited to JavaScript, Performance and Toolsets testing etc.
AB Soft participates in the biggest IT conferences in Ukraine, such as Testing Stage, Odesa JS, DevOps Day, AWS Dev Days, etc. As part of our commitment, we are happy to provide AB people with the opportunity to visit all of the educational events for free.
For the best knowledge systematization, AB People share their technical experience. Through publishing of their articles on DOU and other professional network.
We help our employees to continuously advance their careers by providing with endless opportunities in corporate education. We offer a big variety of educational events ranging from public speaking courses and special managerial trainings to technical IT workshops with top professionals in the field.
At AB Soft, we believe that expanding of your horizons and professional network is an extremely important part of your career development. We continuously encourage domestic and international travel for AB People to network with some of the most successful industry leaders and specialists.
Business trips
Investment in our people's wellness is our top priority. We provide them with a fully equipped on site gym and host the following sports events:
Opportunities to improve
your Hard Skills.
Opportunities to improve
your Soft Skills.
Creating art improves your kids' ability to interact with the outside world and helps develop their cognitive skills. AB Soft hosts interactive Art classes where your little ones have the opportunity to learn from the top artist in the industry while having fun with each other.
AB Kids Art Club
Take advantage of studying English at your workplace by attending one of our free of charge English classes hosted during work hours. Then practice your skills through continuous collaboration with our international partners and daily industry exposure.
English lessons
AB people regularly participate in various team building activities, such as: bowling, carting, rafting, city tours, etc. We unite our teams through the loudest corporate parties featuring the best entertainers and shows. We host massive movie-nights at the Rodina Cinema and the Odesa Green Theatre.
Teambuilding and corporate events
After their first year at the company, AB people receive a health insurance package that covers various medical services for their entire family at no cost and can be used any time.
Health insurance
We care about our people deeply, including their mental well-being. No matter the problem, you will always get heard and supported here.
Corporate psychologist
AB People can use the services of qualified consultants any time and in any part of the world.
Banking support
AB People can use the services of qualified lawyers in civil (real estate, domestic, labor, administrative, etc) and other cases.
Legal counseling
Taking care of our employees' work-life balance is a priority. All of our specialists get 4 weeks of paid vacation every year to recharge and refresh.
20 workdays of paid vacation
24/7 underground parking: keep your cars, bikes, and motorcycles completely safe and secure.
24/7 parking
Our office is located in the heart of Odesa and has all the essentials for comfortable and productive work: spacious open spaces, meeting rooms with city view, a big conference room, and cozy kitchens.

Need a moment to distract yourself? Feel free to use our own on-site gym, ping pong tables or a lounge-zone with playstation and a massage chair.
Big office in a great location.
Outdoor workout sessions
Ping Pong