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It’s time to unlock students’ potential!
AB Soft is a leading IT company based in Odesa, which was founded 20 years ago. Since then, we have expanded exponentially and today we have 500+ highly skilled IT specialists on board: programmers, QA-engineers, designers, managers, team leads and many, many more.

Our specialists develop cutting edge telecommunication products and multifunctional tools for corporate communication. From supporting and testing to creating high-load websites for clients, our specialists work on these products, from wire to wire. More than 450 000 businesses across the world have praised these products for their efficiency.

We are family! For that reason, EVERY team-mate is given support and receives the unique company benefits.

We are happy to suggest the following collaboration and help for the universities and students:

Dual education implementation. Opportunity for internships and further employment in AB Soft, based on interview results.

Updating the curriculas. As part of our partnership with Odessa IT Family, we offer peer review and assistance in the joint development of relevant curriculas.

Online and offline lectures hosted for students of technical specialties by AB Soft employees.

Organization of joint events for students and applicants.

Cooperation with teachers while organizing the educational process and academic training for students

For the students
If you are a student of the tech university, feel free to send us your CV. Our recruitment team is ready to give their feedback and, perhaps, one day you will become a part of our company!
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For the universities
Our hope is the next Steve Jobs and Elon Musk to be a graduate of one of the fine Odesa universities, to enhance the prospects of every student and to boost the IT potential of our region. We are ready to collaborate with the local and regional institutes of higher education.