How to make Jira convenient and useful

How to make Jira convenient and useful

Hello everyone!

Yet again on the complex and multi-faceted Jira. DOU is a professional community, so I count on knowledge sharing in feedback. Most active Jira users know and use the basic charts it offers, such as sprint burndown and velocity charts.

I'd like to share some simple but beneficial Jira functions we use daily or within the sprint. I'd appreciate your sharing in the comments something you use. The idea is to share simple and useful teamwork tools rather than charts for analytics, statistics, and presentations we provide to customers.

1. Workload Pie: Sprint. How much time each assignee spends on sprint.

When we plan a sprint, we estimate task time in hours. With such an approach, it is very convenient to check with the workload chart while planning. In one of my previous teams, a Scrum-master drew a table on the whiteboard to record hours during planning. A similar option but with the chart instead seems handier.

How should that be done?

1. Write a relevant filter and save it.

The filter should include:

The project you are going to estimate in hours;



This filter will look something like that;

project = StarWars AND assignee in (anakin.skywalker, obi.wan.kenobi, master.yoda) AND Sprint = sprintNumber

2. Once the filter is ready, move to the dashboard and create a new gadget Workload Pie Chart.

3. Apply our filter and parameters:

  • Statistic Type = Assignee
  • Time field to report on = Original Estimate

2. Two Dimensional Filter Statistics: All open defects X team. Quick access to open bugs and their status by priorities.

It is a simple and convenient way to move to the bug list. You can save the filter or use the search all over again every time. Well, to my mind, the more visuals we have in our work, the better. It's high time to advertise the excellent course "Master visual language for IT professionals" by Yurii Malyshenko, but I'm not sure he still teaches it in Ukraine.

How should that be done?

Write the filter to search for the bugs you need, and save it.

Then create gadget Two Dimensional Filter Statistics in your dashboard.

Select the previously created filter. Select the values "Priority" and "Status" in the fields of XAxis, YAxis. After that, save this dashboard.

3. Quick filters.

Many probably know that, but some may not. You can adjust your board filters with a quick transition to the task of a particular team member- for instance, QA tasks. I found this filter exceptionally useful when my team was working on several small projects simultaneously. I applied the filters, including by projects. And it worked well.

How should that be done?

How to make:

Hopefully, the article was practical. Please, share what you find helpful. And by helpful, I mean Something your team and you use in your daily routine. Thank you all!